My name is Don Cannato and I am the owner of the Defense Offense Academy.
This is primarily a mobile training school offering private classes. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida. I offer the convenience of coming to your home, office, or organization with the Firearm and Self Defense Training you’re looking for. These are easy to understand self defense classes with or without a firearm.​

I am a former Military Police Army Veteran, and an NRA certified firearms instructor. I have also trained extensively at Tea Kwon Do while stationed on the DMZ in Korea.

​Since I left service, I have been helping civilian students gain knowledge and experience with firearms along with Empty Hand (unarmed) training. From the fundamentals to advanced techniques, I can help you find the most practical way to deal with violent threats and attacks.

​If you're new to guns and just want a safety and operation course, I have it. If you haven't been shooting in a while and just need to refresh, I can help you.

My method of self-defense instruction is neither traditional nor ordinary. I discovered, from actual experiences, that most typical training would not be effective while under the stress of a real attack.

I now know that for self-defense to be effective on the street, the inevitable adrenaline rush caused by fear had to be addressed.

In the event of an attack outside the home, which will almost always be fast and close, you will not have the time to THINK…you can only act.

​​Until you learn to control this fear and act instinctively, all the popular Firearm and  Martial Arts skill training you've had or will seek, falls far short.

Please check "Classes" page for some of the training I offer.​​

                    I like to say, "Don't Defend, Attack!"​
   Contact me at or 561-601-2355​